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Marietta Retirement Planning

Recent market upheavals and the wide variety of financial predictions means just one thing:

Proper and effective retirement planning means staying nimble and ready for change.

Work with A Marietta Retirement Professional

Staying on top of market news can cause a lot of anxiety, especially if you're trying to plan your retirement on your own.

A qualified retirement planner will:

  1. Listen to you
  2. Help you assess where you are
  3. Protect and manage the wealth you have, and
  4. Build assets for the future

Nobody's Perfect

We've all made professional and retirement planning mistakes.

Don't beat yourself up about what's happened in the past.

Your retirement plan will be built around where you are now and your goals for your investments in the future.

Be Prepared for A Little Discomfort


The best retirement plan studies where you are now and what your goals are for the future.marietta retirement planner third act retirement

People often ask: How much do you need to retire?

This very personal question requires some very personal data.

It's important to remember that this process may not be the most comfortable thing you'll ever experience.

Discussions about money can be very difficult, and your retirement planning professional will need to know about private topics such as income, the amount of insurance you have and even your typical household budget.

An accurate assessment of your current cash flow and your goals is necessary to build an comprehensive retirement strategy.

What Is the Best Plan For Retirement?

What is the best plan for retirement? The one you can start as soon as possible in your working life and contribute to regularly.

Planning for your monetary needs is not unlike planning for your physical needs in retirement.

As you age, you want a healthy body and brain, so you need to take care of your body and brain on a regular basis to keep yourself strong as you age.

You can't cram for physical or intellectual health, and you can't really cram for retirement.

Find Great Guidance for Retirement

The professionals at Third Act offer fee-only retirement guidance.

This means that our business model focuses on you and your needs, rather than receiving commissions from the funds we sell.

What Do Retirement Planning Services Include?


A professional retirement planning service will focus on your goals.

For example, retirement planning tools will help you determine:

  1. What your baseline financial needs are, including food, clothing, housing and medical care
  2. Your travel, entertainment, and recreation goals
  3. Goals for charitable giving and supporting your spiritual home
  4. Leaving a legacy for your family when you're gone

How Much Do You Need to Retire?

A good guide to retirement planning will include reviewing just what your personal needs are for daily living.

Quality retirement planning tools will take many factors into consideration, including

  1. Daily nutritional needs
  2. Maintenance medications
  3. Physical training or therapy to maintain mobility
  4. Housing needs
  5. Transportation

The real importance of retirement planning is to help you determine how to plan for more than just your basic needs.

What do you want to do in your post-work life?

Community Is Key


marietta retirement planningMany retirees can rely on family to help them make the transition from work to retirement.

Your family, however, may be scattered across the country and not local to Marietta.

Also, your adult children may be overloaded with commitments to their own careers and children.

Thankfully, there are many thriving communities that realize how much retirees can contribute to their future.

In fact, AARP recommends retirement in a college town or a city with many educational opportunities.

Just because your body isn't at work anymore doesn't mean that your brain must retire, too.

Many institutes of higher learning offer retirees the chance to audit classes for the joy of it.

In fact, in classroom settings, you may offer insights that students may otherwise miss out on.

Keep learning for a healthy brain!

Think Next Phase, Not Last Step

Quality portfolio and retirement planning is built around your goals and needs.

This process will involve a great deal of thought and no small amount of soul-searching.

Retired Americans still have a great deal to contribute to society.

By planning for your future in all aspects, such as keeping your body and brain healthy, engaging in your community and maintaining a healthy spirit, your retirement doesn't have to be a time of wasting away but of growth and expansion.

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