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Hourly Advice For Do It Yourself Investors

What Does a Financial Review Cost?

As a starting point, you need to be aware that there’s no such thing as an “ongoing fee.” The only cost is one flat $1,825 for financial reviews alone; any additional work and returning customers will bring up the price accordingly.

There’s no monthly or annual subscription commitment required - just the cost to have an outside professional review your finances for clarity on what needs fixing in order make sure you're reaching your goals!

Why Get A Financial Review?

We know that everyone has different needs and goals. That's why we're here to help you create a personalized investment plan tailored just for your situation, using our simple 4 or less fund index portfolio suggestions, as the building blocks of putting together an effective financial strategy in which YOU feel confident!

Most people don't know what they are doing when it comes to their finances, and this one-day financial review will show you how easy investing can be.

In addition to providing a model portfolio that is simple in design with low costs attached or other important areas such as retirement planning tools from Medicare's site we also take into account any blind spots our valued clients may have had before creating an investment plan for themselves based on our findings through interviews conducted along the way - all while being transparent about everything so there isn’t much risk involved!

How to Make Your Financial Life More Peaceful and Satisfying (And That Quiets the Chamomile.)

The One-Day Financial Review is a three step process. 

FIRST- No Cost or Obligation 20 Minute Introductory Call - The complimentary introductory call is a 15-minute call where I will review the three-step process for The One-Day Financial Review and answer any questions you may have. If at the end of the call you want to move to step 2 we will set that up as well.

SECOND - A Longer Phone Meeting

Retirement is the most important event in one's life. It can have a significant and positive impact on your finances, as well as those around you; however it also carries great responsibility that needs careful planning before hand! In order to provide this service at its finest we ask for two hours of your time so during our consultation call together we will discuss where you are today and what your goals are for the future. We’ll review all of these important topics: retirement saving; tax planning around investing assets & savings plans such as IRAs or 401ks (or other workplace sponsored programs), asset allocation and insurance coverage if needed - just to name a few!

THIRD AND FINAL - Presentation of One Day Financial Review 

The One-Day Financial Review is a quick and easy way to improve your finances. In just three days, after our phone consultation, we will send you the document that outlines all of our tips for success with this approach!

You may be wondering if the One-Day Financial Review is right for you. 

This quick and easy financial review will help motivated people like yourself that want to take charge of their investments on on their own by not hiring a full time advisor! You can go to this article and see how much a financial advisor cost and other ways we are compensated.

The keys to successful investing are not as mystery-filled when you understand the tried and true methods of success:

  • The future is uncertain. No one can predict the future. The only thing that is certain in life, and guaranteed to happen every single day of your life (regardless) has got be humble!
  • Reduce Costs. The economic benefits of cutting taxes, fees, and other transaction costs are substantial. This will allow for more spending power with your hard earned money which in turn increases the results you see!
  • Active managers struggle to add any value. They must first know their market inside-out and then they can reap the rewards of patience that comes with it.
  • Diversification is almost always a good thing. But it needs to be done smartly in order to avoid unnecessary complications and increased costs.
  • Good decisions come from a clear head, not an emotional one. You need discipline and judgment to make good choices in life-or else you could end up making the wrong decision due your own feelings getting involved!