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Roswell Financial Advisor

Putting together a retirement planning package takes expert help. The wide variety of investments available are at best confusing and at worst can lead to a decision that's poorly suited to your current needs and risk tolerance. A Roswell financial advisor can help you navigate that by offering advice that suits your needs. 

roswell financial advisor third act retirement planning

Picking A Planner

Your financial advisor knows a lot about the markets and about investing, but do they know a lot about you? You may have retirement mistakes in your past or be making a late start on retirement planning. Even if you started as soon as you could, recent market events have put many of behind in planning for retirement. 

Who Is Your Financial Planner Working For?

Financial planners, like the rest of us, need to get paid. The question of how they're paid is yours to research. A good financial planning team will allow you to study their fee structure and the ethical code they follow. 

A fee-only financial planner receives no compensation from the investment vehicles where they put your money. Their decision is based only on their technical knowledge of the fund, such as 

  • performance history
  • fund management
  • growth and expansion plans

A fee-only financial advisor has one goal: Helping you build wealth for your security in the future by working with your present needs and planning according to your risk tolerance.

Simply put, your funds go into the best vehicles because your investment management professional knows you'll see growth, and they'll get great recommendations and continued business from a happy customer. 

Look Local

When deciding where to search for a wealth management team, it's critical to work with someone who knows your community, your history in it and your future plans. If you're planning to remain in your community and age in place in your home, a local financial professional can help you make the best choices regarding your housing and future medical decisions. 

roswell retirement planner third act retirement planning

Your Roswell financial advisor can help you look into the future and make good choices about any relocation decisions or home repair or renovations. 

Start Early

Building a great retirement is like building a rock wall. You need to start with a good plan or layout and build a stable base. Once the base is in place, adding stone, rank on rank, is a fairly simple process, though it takes dedication and focus. 

What If You Didn't Start Early?

If you didn't start early, start now. Remember, this isn't just about investing. This is about understanding how you think about money, budgeting and risk.

Many of us have gotten a late start on retirement planning. Many more of us started planning, but watched our 401(k) plans become 201(k) plans or less. A lot of people are behind on retirement savings, so you needn't feel alone.

With careful portfolio management and expert advice, you can do a lot of catching up. 

Be Prepared For Some Discomfort

Money is a difficult topic. Disagreements about money can lead to family feuds, marriage failures and business dissolution. However, a good financial planner is going to need a lot of information about your personal spending habits, future plans, and risk tolerance.

Be ready to get your planner all the data they ask for. The good, the not-so-good, the downright embarrassing, and your dreams. Also, be ready to consider your own risk tolerance. Handing over money is never easy, particularly if you're not making a tangible purchase. This may take many conversations with your partner or just some serious study on your own, but be ready to do it. The rewards can be amazing!

Can't My Accountant Do This?

If you're paying for tax planning advice, it can be tempting to assume that your tax professional can help you set up an investment strategy. However, this really flies in the face of what your accountant is trained to do.

Yes, your accountant can help you structure business deals. Yes, they can help you set up fiduciary structures that will enable you to pass on your wealth and property with a lower tax burden. However, taxes and investing are two very different things.

The IRS is a large and complicated entity. Learning how to navigate the tax code and regulatory changes is a science unto itself. Investment vehicles may be monitored by the IRS, but they're governed by a different entity.

Use the right professional for the right job. Invest in an expert in the field you need. Financial professionals are like doctors. Your cardiac surgeon may be a genius, but you should probably talk to someone else about a knee replacement.

The Coming Crisis In Retirement Planning

As baby boomers retire, the strain on medicare and social security is going to become extreme. Many people are planning to retire in poverty, hanging on by social security alone because they simply didn't or weren't able to plan.

Major changes are coming for the aging citizens of the United States, and few of them are good. While the aging baby boomer generation is capitalizing on terrific opportunities to retrain and go back to work in a new field of interest, many are simply unable to learn the new skills needed.

By meeting with a Roswell financial planner, you can plan for your future. Whether you're eager to learn new skills and get back to work or are very ready to stop working altogether, you can put structures and plans into place to make your future vision a reality.

Final Thoughts

Staying active and productive in your community is not just a possibility. You can make it a reality by putting in the work today for what you want out of tomorrow. There's no hiding from the future, so let's plan for it. Your Roswell financial advisor is poised and ready to help you build the base you need to support your retirement goals.

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