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Thank you!

I look forward to learning more about you and your top financial concerns. 

Here is what some of my clients have to say about me and my team's services:

  1. "Tommy is so helpful. He explains everything and helps you to navigate your investment portfolio and prepare for retirement. I highly recommend him!” - Tina S. in Georgia
  2. "Thru out our relationship Tommy has always been attentive and honest. Every time we have met we have shared some personal things that are confidential. When I had surgeries and my parents pasted away Tommy was right there. That has added a trust level. Communication is most valuable. He provides information. We were able to sit down and change our strategy. Tommy met my needs. He shared with me the way I handle different portfolios. Tommy left the decision up to me unless he thought I was making a bad decision. He is honest. When I have made changes to the account types, he have always been very accommodating.” Bette S. in Georgia
  3. Thomas is independent and does not work for a bank, insurance or investment company. I found him thru Clark Howard’s recommendation of fee-only financial planners. This was the most important factor to me in selecting Thomas. The thing I value most about his service is that he responds promptly and honestly to my questions. When we first talked I talk to him about how I was going to retire. Thomas then provided me with a retirement plan and written recommendations as to how I could not out live my money and do it well. And it has worked! That was over 6 years ago. I have not had to pull any money from my investments to live on and I think it is largely due to the financial plan Thomas provided to me. He has also provided me with substantial explanations to the changes he makes and my portfolio has been steady. I have felt confident in his suggestions and offerings.” - Marci U. in Pennsylvania
  4. "Tommy is that he is a man of faith. He approaches things with a level head and encourages true diversification, he knows things that we don’t and provides a knowledge base we do not have, a tailored investment strategy for our particular situation. When we first met Tommy he took time to get to know us. He was not trying to make it a short meeting and just get our money. He genuinely had interest in us and our life and heart.” - Wayne M. in Indiana
  5. I got bad advice from Ameriprise and wanted a good financial advisor. Basically I concluded to go with a fee only and not part of a big company. Thomas is easy be able to talk to. We interviewed to financial planners. Thomas made a relaxed impression. He did not try to sell me anything. The best thing I get from working with Thomas is I have peace of mind. I see that there is progress in how my money is managed. I talked with Ameriprise about an investment strategy and all they recommended was an annuity. Most important is peace of mind. Thomas is a financial guy but I am not. And so he has to take care of that part. Thomas is not trying to sell me things. Ameriprise was always trying to push annuities and REITs. That is a big deal to me. I pay a transparent, easy to find, fee but not different level of commissions per product purchase. I can live with his fee.” Loet and Rinny S. in Georgia
  6. We choose Tommy based on our gut feeling. We talked to him and he did a financial work up or profile. I felt good when we talked to him. And felt like he was the right person to control our money. Tommy's communication is great so that we know our money is going to be safe. He puts information out there. When we have questions Tommy takes the time to explain it and go into details. At least if our stuff goes down we hope it does not go down more than anyone else’s. From one of the first meetings. He knew that we had been divorced and remarried. Tommy is not someone that just wants to handle my money and make money off of me. We each talked about our divorces. It was a deeper conversation than we would normally have in that situation. I appreciate our friendship more than the business aspect.” Chuck and Leslie A. in Georgia
  7. When I was working with my longtime friend, who was my financial advisor for 20+ years, I did not know what I was paying him or what my fees were, I was also not clear on where my money was being invested. I received these transaction statements from my old advisor and had no idea why they occurred. I became so upset with him at one point I used the work churning when I asked him a question about the transactions. Before I started working with Thomas Cloud of Third Act Retirement Planning, I was worried about running out of money in retirement. My previous financial planner did not respond to my emails either. Working with Thomas has been much better! I wish I would have switched over years ago. I know exactly what I am paying Thomas, his fees are transparent and easy to see and understand. I now understand how my money is being invested and I no longer worry about running out of money. I am confident with my retirement plan and being able to enjoy my retirement for as long as I’m alive. Before I met Thomas I thought there was no way I could stop working so much. But he helped me to see that it was OK for me to finally work part time or even retire all together. Thomas also promptly responds to my emails.” – Jerry and Nancy F. in Michigan
  8. I talked to one of Thomas’s clients before hiring him and she had many years of good experiences with him. Before working becoming a client of Third Act Retirement Planning I had accounts in 7 different locations including 403(b)s, annuities, and IRAs. Now I have all my accounts in one place! I knew I could not manage everything and I did not know what I was doing. I was comfortable when I met Tommy. Since I started working with him I have been most happy with the fact that he is very available to answer questions. He also explains my investments so that I know how I am invested. I liked his process of going thru risk profiles with me too. He took the time to understand me and how I want my money invested during this process. Thomas also has done the best job of explaining his fees and how he gets paid. I can easily see his fees. I have no idea what I was paying my other financial advisor. I would not even begin to know where to put my money based on risk I want to take but Thomas did that for me and now I feel so much peace about where it is!” – Anne E. from Georgia
  9. The most important reasons we choose to work with Third Act Retirement Planning, over their competitors, is that they do not sell any financial products. They are fee-only and make no commissions. And the 1% fee we pay is fair and so easy to see and understand, plus it allows Thomas to go select the best and lowest costs investments for us knowing he is paid directly by us only. He is also easy to speak with. The services he provides us that we value the most are: 1) helping us to better understand the market. 2) Balancing our portfolio. 3) His communication with us. 4) 2 meetings per year. 5) He also reviews our investment strategy every year with us and makes changes if we want him to. Ever since we have been working with Thomas we have been becoming more and more educated. We are smarter now about our finances than the first time we met Thomas. It makes us feel empowered and more at peace about our finances.” – Carrol and Read C. from Georgia
  10. Before we met Thomas Cloud and Third Act Retirement Planning, Inc., thru our daughter who is also his client, we had been working with our friend (David) who was a CPA for over 20 years. He also handled our investments. When we working with David all those years we did not know the current status of our investments. David was slow to discuss changes and he did not return our phone or emails promptly. We would have to remind David several times of the same question before we would get a response. We did not have access to performance or billing reports. We were in the dark about our investments. We also did not know if we had enough income to support our retirement budget because we did not have a retirement plan either. With Thomas we trust him because he came highly recommended and is a strong Christian. We are so glad to be working with him because now we do know how our money is invested, he regularly communicates with us, he responds to all of our questions promptly and thoroughly, and we have access to performance and billing reports. We feel like we can now enjoy our retirement knowing Thomas is taking care of us!” – Pam and Brian from Georgia
  11. "The most important benefit we receive from working with Tommy is peace of mind. For example last year when the market was going down Chris was saying this is why we have Thomas. He is watching it for us and we do not have to worry about it. We most value the ease of access to both Thomas (phone calls) and our accounts (online). We feel like that if we call him…he is going to call us back promptly. Deb also likes the monthly newsletters and weekly emails. We understand Thomas’s reasoning and approach to the way he works with us and our investments.” - Chris and Deb from Georgia