Woodstock Financial Advisor – Third Act Retirement Planning —

Who We Serve

At Third Act Retirement Planning, we provide wealth management, retirement and financial planning for two types of clients that are in retirement or near retiring: business owners and those strongly connected with their faith and people that highly value a healthy lifestyle.

As they approach retirement, we aim to integrate their finances, their health, and their relationship with the Lord into a comprehensive strategy that helps them pursue their retirement goals.

Beyond helping clients prepare for retirement, we want to help them make it the best stage of their life. Everyone goes through three acts: growing up, working, and retirement. We believe the third act can be the greatest. And it takes three things to do this: good health, a close relationship with our Lord, and financial preparedness.

Our Mission:

To provide guidance on your finances and engage our community in introducing and discussing a healthy lifestyle and a healthy spirituality. Working closely together, we’ll chart a course to work toward your goals, drawing on our vast expertise in portfolio design, retirement and comprehensive financial planning, and retirement income distribution.

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