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If your retirement planning involves issues including tax planning, business valuations or succession planning, finding a qualified wealth management team in Woodstock is critical.

For individuals who’ve built a sizable business or investment portfolio, you’ll need a full service Woodstock financial advisory team to strategically protect, grow, and dispose of your assets.

Protecting Your Wealth

Third Act Retirement professionals offer wealth management guidance to those with more than $750,000 in assets.

Regardless if your money is in paper investments, real estate, a business, or a combination, our team is ready to help you set up the vehicles needed to:

  1. Reduce your tax burden, and
  2. Plan your future asset dispersal

Do You Need a Wealth Manager in Woodstock?

Business owners can gain special benefits from using our wealth management services.

While your business may have been your baby, most small business owners find they have a lot of employees who’ve contributed to the success of the enterprise.

In addition to goal setting and estate planning, our professionals can help you plan for the succession of your business and benefit your key employees who’ve been there as your business has grown over the years.

If you plan to pass your business on to family members learning the ropes, our tax planning professionals can help you get the best retirement planning benefits as you exit the business.

What Is the Difference Between Wealth and Asset Management?

Asset management refers to the process of obtaining, maintaining, and disposing of assets. Functionally, asset planning and making portfolio is a bit more static than full service management of your wealth.

If you’ve sold or split your business and are in the process of disposing a portion of it, an asset management professional can help.

If you plan to continue to be involved in the business, it’s more than just an asset.

Yes, you’re planning for retirement.

However, many small business owners have a hard time turning the business over to new owners without wanting either a stake in the business or to continue to work in or on the business.

What Is Wealth Management?

Quality wealth management services include protecting your business from over-taxation, cash-flow risk or breakdowns, and poor future planning.

Keeping your business growing in a healthy direction may well mean keeping great management in place, so making sure your employees are properly compensated and given great chances to plan for their own retirement is critical.

Our wealth management services can also help you plan to give back to your faith family and your community at large.

What Is Included in Wealth Management?

While standard retirement planning can have a sense of attrition to it; that is, you save over the course of your life and then wind out your remaining time on Earth trying not to run out of money, our private Woodstock wealth management team is here to help you continue to grow your wealth through careful tax and succession planning.

Whether you’re planning to sell your business to new owners, thus setting up your own private banking structure where you get to receive a monthly business loan payment which will contribute to your retirement, or if you are working to stay involved in your business, your wealth planning experts can help you design a structure that protects and expands what you’ve built over your lifetime.

Working Out What You Want Out Of Retirement

Not everyone is ready to retire.

In fact, many people simply can’t imagine a life without their career or business.

The reality of wealth management is that life can sometimes force you into fewer work days per week or out of the business entirely.

Wealth planning with a professional can help you put a good plan in place for a phased retirement before you’re forced into a rapid work stoppage.

Third Act Stands Out for Our Wealth Management Services for Woodstock Residents

Because Third Act is a fee only firm, we are quite different from many other wealth management firms here in Woodstock.

For instance, we don’t get compensation from the funds we recommend.

We are paid directly by you for the package we build, the plan we create, and the services we offer.

Whether you’re working towards retirement or plan to “die with your boots on,” working with us will likely mean reimagining wealth management.

Take Your Next Step with Our Woodstock Wealth Management Professionals

Taxes are one of the few sure things you’ll face in life.

A qualified wealth management advisor can help you safely and successfully navigate taxation rules and regulations and put your money back into your business, education, investments for your family, or the succession for critical employees.

Let us help you build your legacy!

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