Woodstock Financial Advisor – Third Act Retirement Planning —

We have a liquid variable annuity, particularly focusing on the Dual Direction strategy, offers a blend of full growth potential and protection designed for retirement savings. Here’s a concise summary of its benefits:

  • Protection Against Some Loss: Offers built-in downside buffers to protect against losses up to -20%, providing confidence even in volatile markets.
  • Growth Potential: Enables opportunity to benefit from market upside tracking well-known benchmark indices up to a predefined performance cap.
  • Upside in Down Markets: Unique to this investment, it offers potential positive returns even when the benchmark index declines, up to the elected buffer limit of 20%. (Ex. if the market is down 15% at the end of 6 years your money would be up 15%.)
  • No Explicit Fees: Allows investors to maximize their investment as there are zero explicit fees, ensuring more of your money is working for you.
  • Flexible Investment Duration: Offers 1 and 6-year segment durations, providing flexibility to align with individual retirement planning timelines.
  • Multiple Levels of Protection: Investors can select from -10%, -15%, or -20% buffer options, tailoring the level of downside protection to their comfort level.
  • Tax-Deferred Growth: As a variable annuity, it provides tax-deferred growth, allowing your investments to compound over time without immediate tax implications.
  • Performance Cap Rate: Sets a cap on the maximum gain, which is predetermined, providing clarity on the potential growth of your investment.
  • Insurance Company Does Not Pay Us A Commission.

This annuity is designed for individuals looking for a strategic balance between growth potential and risk management in their retirement planning, with unique features that offer protection and opportunities for gains even in fluctuating markets.

A look back at S&P 500 6-year index returns demonstrates:

Gains and Losses: Over a 6-year rolling period from December 1973 to December 2023, the market experienced gains 92% of the time (486 times) and losses 8% of the time (43 times).
Average Returns: The average return over these 6-year periods was 72.3%, showcasing the potential for significant growth despite periods of volatility.

Worse Loss: The S&P 500 has never been down, over 20% during a 6 year period, since 1973.

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