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Pricing Our Services

At Third Act Retirement Planning, we offer comprehensive, fee-only financial advice for retirees or those close to retirement.

Services We Offer: 

We offer comprehensive, continuous financial planning and advisory services covering every facet of your financial landscape. This encompasses the discretionary management of your investments alongside ongoing tax minimization planning. Moreover, we facilitate the coordination and handling of your income tax returns through our CPA partnerships.

At the core of our ongoing service is the development of your financial plan, serving as the blueprint for future decision-making. Recognizing the dynamic nature of life events, market fluctuations, and tax legislation adjustments, your financial plan evolves over time. Through our continuous planning and investment management service, we serve as your trusted advisor, guiding you through each step of your financial journey.

Throughout our partnership, we provide ongoing advice across various areas, including:

  • Crafting annual portfolio withdrawal strategies
  • Tax preparation
  • Tax Planning (reduction strategies)
  • Advising on Roth conversions
  • Strategizing optimal Social Security claiming timing
  • Assisting in selecting pension payment options
  • Researching, implementing, and evaluating liquid annuities and both private equity and credit investment options 
  • Facilitating the transfer or consolidation of investment accounts
  • Adjusting investment portfolios as needed
  • Analyzing health insurance alternatives
  • Developing and refining a comprehensive spending plan
  • Managing debt consolidation or refinancing initiatives
  • Offering guidance on mortgage decisions, including reverse mortgages
  • Advising on real estate transactions
  • Reviewing and updating insurance coverage
  • Ensuring estate documents and beneficiary forms are current
  • Adjusting income tax withholding elections

Our approach to financial planning emphasizes an ongoing process rather than a one-time transaction. It entails a close and consistent relationship, characterized by regular Zoom meetings, calls, emails, and more. Our primary objective is to empower you to make informed financial decisions that align with your retirement aspirations.

We typically conduct two formal meetings annually to update your plan, refine portfolio strategies, address tax planning objectives, review estate plans, and address any inquiries you may have. However, our commitment extends beyond these scheduled meetings. We remain accessible via Zoom, phone, or email, ready to assist you as life unfolds and financial decisions arise.

Moreover, you will have continuous access to your personalized finance portal through Money Guide Pro (MGP), our financial planning software. This portal aggregates information from your various banking, investment, and lending accounts, providing a comprehensive overview of your financial landscape. From tracking net worth to monitoring investment holdings and cash flow projections, your eMoney portal offers valuable insights to inform your financial decisions.

Additionally, we offer continuous discretionary management of your investable assets, utilizing accounts held in custody at Charles Schwab. Our investment approach prioritizes simplicity, employing a passive strategy that is both fee-conscious and ensures your portfolio remains diversified, low-cost, and appropriately allocated based on your risk tolerance and financial profile.

As a fee-only firm, we aim to be transparent about our fees upfront. Our fees are Retainer-Based, which means we charge an annual, fixed-fee based on your financial situation. These fees are determined as follows:

Couples or Single = $10,000/year
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