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Retirement Planning

We have a liquid Registered Indexed Linked Annuity that offers a blend of full growth potential and protection designed for retirement savings. You did read "liquid" correctly...ALL your money can be withdrawn from day 1 penalty free.

Here’s a concise summary of its benefits

This annuity is designed for individuals looking for a strategic balance between growth potential and risk management in their retirement planning, with unique features that offer protection and opportunities for gains even in fluctuating markets.

A look back at S&P 500 6-year index returns demonstrates

Gains and Losses

Over a 6-year rolling period from December 1973 to December 2023, the market experienced gains 92% of the time (486 times) and losses 8% of the time (43 times).

Average Returns

The average return over these 6-year periods was 72.3%, showcasing the potential for significant growth despite periods of volatility.

Worse Loss

The S&P 500 has never been down, over 20% during a 6 year period, since 1973.

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