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Woodstock Financial Advisor

Whether your 5 or 30 years from retirement, it's time to be thinking about financial planning. This can mean anything from putting together a basic budget to make you aware of your expenses to diversifying your stock portfolio. With the right help and planning, your retirement can be a time of growth, learning and personal expansion. Let a Woodstock financial advisor help you build the right structure for your future.

woodstock financial advisor third act retirement planning

Accountants Vs. Advisors

Your accountant is an excellent contact for all tax issues. From the right tax planning to help you expand your business to succession planning, you can save yourself and your beneficiaries a lot of money and time by utilizing your accountants expertise on tax planning.

However, while your accountant can save you trouble (and money) when dealing with the IRS rules, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is trained in investing. Growing your existing cash as well as providing you a post-work income, is their field of expertise. You will want access to both a trustworthy accountant and an expert financial advisor.

If you're uncertain of the need for a financial expert, think of them as medical professionals. Your podiatrist may be brilliant, but you don't want them assessing you for cataracts. Work with a professional skilled in what you need. 

Fees Vs. Commissions

Who does your CFP work for? This is actually a tricky question. There are financial advisors that work off commissions and those that are fee-based. There are also financial professionals who blend commissions and fee-structured packages. You want the best advice for you and your situation.

Be aware that commission-based CFPs get paid by the fund vehicle when they sell you the product. Fee-based CFPs get paid by you when they put together a great financial planning package.

Your Woodstock financial planner is fee-based. They work for you and can fully focus on putting together the best product for your needs. 

Be Prepared For Discomfort

Money isn't an easy thing to talk about. Ever had a fight with your spouse about a bank overdraft or a high credit card bill? If talking about money with a loved one is hard, how can you possibly talk to a stranger?

In fact, you should probably carefully consider any financial advisor who doesn't make you look at some hard topics. We've all spent money that we later regretted or wished we'd handled differently.

Working with a CFP doesn't mean that you're going to earn straight A's in the review process. Instead, it means that you now have someone on your team who can offer you a fresh perspective and terrific tools to really get a handle on your money.

It's important to note that retirement planning will take some deep communication. If you're embarrassed about confusion or a lack of knowledge on the subject, you're not alone. You will get not only great advice but new information. Work hard to stay open to this information so you can apply it to your future monetary decisions.

Planning for retirement is scary, as is anything that forces you to look at your own future infirmity or mortality. 

Retirement Isn't What It Used To Be

Americans are living longer than ever before. Many of us can expect many years, possibly decades, of decent health after we stop working for money. Some may choose to start a new career, to get more education or to start a new business.

Great advice from a fee-only financial planner can help you with portfolio management so you can set up a monthly income stream while you plan your next chapter

Protect And Expand

The idea of saving for retirement just so you can draw down off the principal until you're broke is an old, worn out concept. Just the idea of outliving your money terrifies people, and may have encouraged you to avoid even looking at a basic retirement account, 401(k) program or an IRA.

Of all the retirement mistakes on the horizon, giving in to the fear of being elderly, infirm and broke is one of the most dangerous because it encourages avoidance. Not everyone gets to grow old. Even if you're getting a late start on retirement planning, there is great investment management advice out there. 

Capitalize On Community

Wealth isn't only found in your bank balance. Many communities offer seniors and other retirees rich opportunities for personal growth, education and life expansion.

If you're planning to move for your retirement, seek out a community that makes life easier. Great museums and libraries are critical, but so are communities with easy transportation (walking paths, for example) and great medical care.

By choosing a location that makes it easy to do the daily duties of life, you can expand your concept of wealth management far beyond money. 

Get Prepared, Not Panicky

As baby boomers age, the process of retirement will undergo many changes. This generation will have a large impact on what it means to age. If you're lucky enough to not have to work for money but want to keep working, you can make a tremendous contribution to the future of your community.

Is there a crisis in retirement planning? The number of commission-based financial planners is worrisome, as are the relaxing of rules about who, exactly, your financial planner is actually working for. By choosing a fee-only financial advisor, you can be certain that the financial vehicles presented to you will benefit both you and your advisor. Both of you will have the same focus.

Final Thoughts

Budgets and money management are not easy things to discuss. Money has a lot of emotion and energy tied to it, so working with a skilled financial expert dedicated to your financial growth is crucial. Your Woodstock financial advisor is ready to help you look at some hard topics. 

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